9 días para el lanzamiento de rotary.org

Publicado el 2013-08-17T13: 28:10 +00:00 Peter Markos

Estamos a 9 días del lanzamiento y hoy vamos a poner de relieve cómo la nueva rotary.org hará un mejor trabajo de explicación de Rotary al mundo, describiendo lo que hacemos para alcanzar a las comunidades de todo el mundo.

La forma más sencilla es visualmente. Esta es la página principal del nuevo sitio:


Ver + http://wp.me/p2F4ar-6s

Rotary Digital

We are now nine days from launch, and today we’ll highlight how the new Rotary.org will do a better job of explaining Rotary to the world and better describe what we do to impact communities around the world.

The easiest way to do this is visually. Here is the homepage of the new site:


Compare it to the image in the last post (start of the 10-day countdown) and you’ll notice a couple of things. If you focus on the header, the Rotary.org homepage is much simpler. Less navigation options to choose from, but still a clear indicator if you are a Rotarian where you should go. This is big difference! The general public told us they were overwhelmed by the amount of information on our site, so we simplified things for them.

Here is an image of the menu options. We use language that anyone not familiar with the…

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